Mattresses: The Peace for Your Body

You spend a third of the day in bed. Especially with back pain it is important that your bed is adapted to your body. The combination of mattress, bed base and pillow influence each other harder than you might think.

Today’s advice is fortunately no longer limited to expensive stores. Various kinds of the mattress in Tucson manufacturers consider that your bed is something personal that needs to fit your body. Anyone who wants to purchase a new bed must also pay attention to many things. Be assisted by the seller for this.


The width you need depends on your physique. A single bed is almost always 90 cm wide. For double sleepers with normal proportions, 1.60 m is enough. A doubter of 1.20 m is too narrow for most couples and 1.40 m can usually still.


Your bed must be at least 10 cm longer than yourself.


The ideal height is that of a chair. Then you can sit and tilt without bending over to get in and out of bed. If you have back pain, that is important.

Hardness mattress

The more force is needed to press the mattress, the harder it is.

Whether you have to go for a hard or soft mattress depends on your body weight.

People with a higher body weight need a harder mattress. A too soft mattress presses them too deep, so that they may be placed in a kind of hammock.

Light people need a softer mattress. They lie on top of a too hard mattress and are then only supported in pelvis and shoulders. As a result, their spine forms a sort of suspension bridge, they suffer from painful pressure points and often have to change their position.

Comfort zones

Regardless of the hardness or softness, a mattress must also be flexible. Test this in the store by pressing the mattress in one place. Distorts them locally, that’s good.

Everyone benefits from a smooth mattress because everyone has more weight in the pelvis. With most people, the shoulders are also wider than the waist. That is why you can get benefit from a softer shoulder zone and greater hardness in the waist area. Most men benefit primarily from the first, most women from the second.

This is even more important for people with pronounced body contours. If you have very broad shoulders, the shoulder zone must be able to collapse deeper but may not follow the neck zone. Wide hips also need more space, but the waist may not sag.

Sleep position

You often move during the night. A mattress must lie well in every posture. Try as many sleeping positions as possible during testing.

Combination mattress and bed base

A good mattress will be less good if you combine them with a badly matched bottom. Make sure that the bottom and mattress are aligned.


The most expensive quality is not always necessary, but you should not expect much from the cheapest.