How to properly clean the mattress to get rid of stains and allergens

We spend most of our lives sleeping, so it’s good to do everything in our power to enjoy a quality and relaxing sleep, is not it? The basis of any good bed is its mattress, which should be as comfortable as possible. Even if we chose the perfect mattress, we still need to take care of it regularly, and that’s because the passage of time can make quite a significant impression on her.

Even if we use a pouch, the mattress can still get dirty, and that’s because some spots are able to get through it. Besides stains, the mattress can get mold, have bacteria and mites, and get odorless smells. It is therefore necessary to occasionally clean it carefully so as to ensure that we are sleeping in the best hygiene conditions. In the following lines, some important tips are shared to keep in mind.

  1. Use a vacuum cleaner

The first step you need to do is use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of dust and food debris that can make you feel on your mattress. You will get the mattress on both sides, so be sure to get rid of any trace of dust that can even be inside the material. For the results to be some maximum it is good to use a special brush for textiles. Normally, this is part of the accessories we get when buying a new vacuum cleaner, so do not hesitate to use it.

  1. Aspiration

Aspiration helps us, but only when it comes to crumbs, debris and dust. So we have to use other methods if we want to get rid of the spots, as well as the bacteria / mites that make their way here. Avoid wiping the entire mattress, but just focusing on the spot you want to get rid of. Among the most used solutions for cleaning stains directly from home is the use of sodium bicarbonate mixed with water. This will be applied by buffing the existing stains, after which we will rinse carefully so that the liquid does not penetrate in depth. In the end, all we have to do is wait for it to dry completely. If you do not have the patience or if you want to guarantee that drying is complete, then you can use a hair dryer. The best deals and quality are there at the mattress store Fort WorthClearforkwhen you’re ready to buy.

Finally, after you have finished cleaning the mattress completely, you should even apply a shampoo for upholstery to remove the last traces of dirt on the mattress. If you are used to using your skin, before putting it on the mattress it is good to wash it carefully.